Monday, September 28, 2009

Lonely Roads

This had us changing plans all weekend. First it was race Greensfielder, then it was race KC CX, then it was ride gravel in BOCOMO. In the end I rode solo all weekend. Something I haven't done much of lately, and I gota say, it was a nice change of pace. I snuck in two good loops.

All with gorgeous views,

lonely roads (I saw more horses than cars on the gravel this weekend),

and strange fungus.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

R&R and PBR

We made a last minute dash to the river this weekend, to get some much needed down time. The forecast was ify, but we were determined.

Friday night was gorgeous, with a nearly empty park, a ripping fire, a cooler full of suds, and the wife by my side.

Saturday had us riding an old school bus that was transformed into a dog pound. Around 15 women joined us for the trip up river, bringing along about as many dogs. Leo was in butt sniffing heaven.

Below, Dr J confirms Bud as the local crustacean favorite.

PBR and Tilt is a dangerous combo.

The weather turned a little wet towards the end of the float, but hey, you're already soaked, so no worries.

Sat night the skies opened just enough for us to down some BBQ and retreat to the tents for a peaceful evening of light drizzle. 11+ hours of sleep later and I'd got what I came for.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Catching Up

Seems like my life has been spinning a little too fast as of late. The constant stream of weekday bike rides, honey do's, weekend events, and that little thing called work, had me crashing to a halt Sunday eve. Nothing 10 hours of solid sleep couldn't fix though : )

Anyway, a recap of the past few weeks.

Went to the National We-Rock Championships. Watched some highly modified vehicles do
some amazing things in the hands of some very skilled drivers.

More picks here.

Went to two stages of the Tour of Missouri. Saw this guy kick some butt in the TT. He was not to be denied on this stage race.

Picks here.

And spent this past weekend riding around Mid-MO with 3500 others all for a good cause. Nothing brings back confidence faster than whooping up on some weekend warriors for 200 miles.

I think I need a vacation...