Monday, September 20, 2010

Herman Washout

By 8:30 PM most evenings I’ve assumed my position on the couch preparing for the nights slumber, but this Sat was different. I opted to sign up for my 3rd cross race (ever) and figured Hermann under the lights would be a worthy challenge. I did this race two years ago, in the CAT III’s and got second, so I was stoked to get a shot at the CX experts.

I’ve been training for longer events (Burning and BTEpic) so the all out style and 60 minutes of pain that Cross dishes out was going to put me in the hurt locker for sure. Because of this, my plan was to start conservative and build towards the finish. That plan royally backfired when two laps into a torrential downpour of a race, the event was called due to lightning. I only got the word that the race was ending just a few turns from the finish when a spectator yelled that’d we’d be finishing on that lap. Doh!!!

Shout out to DoubleShot who made the best of the situation and crossed the two lap event in first. The two of us wadded our way home in one of the hardest rain showers I’ve ever witnessed. 20 mph felt too fast!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

This aint no Holiday Inn

Got second in the SAC River 6 Hour solo race on Saturday the 11th. I got beat by Doubleshot, which didnt hurt my pride one bit. This guy is flying right now, and if you remember got 3rd in the NATION in Breckenridge this year for the NORBA MTB Endurance Class.
So after the race a super cool local, and friend of Dr. Beans invited us to spend the night instead of pitching our tents in the field. The lure of a hot shower and dry floor made the decision easy. We were slated for a short night, as we arived close to midnight, and planed on leaving by 6:00 AM to have breakfast before Sundays ride with the owner of Cycles Unlimited.
The hospitatlity was great, but lets just say that the decor was a far cry from Potery Barn. Interesting to the max!