Wednesday, December 22, 2010

St. Kitts

My financial advisor and I traveled to the island of St. Kitts last week to soak in the rays of some Eastern Caribbean sun, and take in the splendor of the countryside. We stayed with a friend stationed there in the Peace Corp for two years. (Tuff gig I know).

Most Caribbean island nations are a stark example of the have and have not’s. St. Kitts is no exception. For sure, there are pockets of 5 star luxury, but by and large, beyond those resorts, its all slums. Too bad, as the flora and fauna of the volcanic isle is amazing.

During our stay we climbed the 3600 foot Mt. Liamuiga, zip lined down the hills of Old Town, snorkeled in Cockleshell bay, and chow’d down on ribs at the Shiggedy Shack. Driving on the left all week, while dodging taxi’s, busses, goats, sheep, cows, chickens, and pedestrians had me taxed, but the time in the sand was a worthy reprise.

A fellow cyclist came thorough, and allowed me to drag along his Travelers Check and I managed to “check out” each day for a spin around the island before heading to the beach. It was'nt great riding, but fun still.

Shout out to American Airlines who managed to lose our bags both going and coming. Great job guys, you deserve a Carib!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Frame Number Two

Back from powder-coating today. Jolli-pop candy orange. Looks pretty cool in the day light.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

BTEpic 2010

This race is as good as it gets. Great venue, seamless check-in, epic course, huge field, crazy payout, tuff competition, free beer/food, live band, and lots of swag.

Tenth again two years running. I made a mental mistake and forgot to down one bottle between checkpoint 3 and 4, then went out on the final stretch with only one bottle in hand. Some major cramp-o-rama had me off the bike on the last climb from the Berryman watching 8th and 9th place ride on by. I've been riding long enough to know better...maybe someday I'll learn.

I'll be back next year to defend my streak of the only rider to make the top 10 of every BTEpic!

Monday, October 11, 2010

No Longer the Bridesmaid

WAY back in Ought-Six, unforeseen circumstances forced Dr Mark and I to enter the Wicked Fast race at the Burning without a third teammate. A somewhat relaxed field allowed us to take the win in grand style doing 5 laps each.

For the next three years, DRJ (Chris, Wes, and Bob) have gotten together, and managed to snatch victory away from my various team combinations. There’s no better adversary than the trio above , but finishing first looser for three years straight (in ‘09 by less than a minute), had me reeling for a win.

Enter 2010 and yet another chance at victory. The dry spell was ended, and the monkey is off my back. We won, but took a two new course records, two flats, a broken pedal, and nearly destroyed wheel . Instead of a long diatribe of race re-capping, how about some observations from the weekend:

· Great care should be taken when choosing a team name. Choose wrong, and you could end up spending more time in your tent than just the weekend.

· The smoke bomb cloud to start the race was thicker than ever. I wasn’t sure I had my bike until chamois hit saddle.

· Beware of the opposing teams secret weapon (Mathews!)

· Also beware of nice old dudes (Albert), they will smoke you and get you a beer after

· No-one, and I mean NO-ONE ate better than we did Sat. night. Baked lasagna, Italian sausage, and ciabatta bread, wow!

· You don’t need fancy carbon, suspension, tubeless this or that, even rubber underwear to ride your bike all day and have fun. Go Pete!

· Pressed for time, I can stuff 6 Fig-Newtons down my gullet at once

· Post race PBR is nectar of the Gods

· Burning at the Bluff = still best race of the year!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Herman Washout

By 8:30 PM most evenings I’ve assumed my position on the couch preparing for the nights slumber, but this Sat was different. I opted to sign up for my 3rd cross race (ever) and figured Hermann under the lights would be a worthy challenge. I did this race two years ago, in the CAT III’s and got second, so I was stoked to get a shot at the CX experts.

I’ve been training for longer events (Burning and BTEpic) so the all out style and 60 minutes of pain that Cross dishes out was going to put me in the hurt locker for sure. Because of this, my plan was to start conservative and build towards the finish. That plan royally backfired when two laps into a torrential downpour of a race, the event was called due to lightning. I only got the word that the race was ending just a few turns from the finish when a spectator yelled that’d we’d be finishing on that lap. Doh!!!

Shout out to DoubleShot who made the best of the situation and crossed the two lap event in first. The two of us wadded our way home in one of the hardest rain showers I’ve ever witnessed. 20 mph felt too fast!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

This aint no Holiday Inn

Got second in the SAC River 6 Hour solo race on Saturday the 11th. I got beat by Doubleshot, which didnt hurt my pride one bit. This guy is flying right now, and if you remember got 3rd in the NATION in Breckenridge this year for the NORBA MTB Endurance Class.
So after the race a super cool local, and friend of Dr. Beans invited us to spend the night instead of pitching our tents in the field. The lure of a hot shower and dry floor made the decision easy. We were slated for a short night, as we arived close to midnight, and planed on leaving by 6:00 AM to have breakfast before Sundays ride with the owner of Cycles Unlimited.
The hospitatlity was great, but lets just say that the decor was a far cry from Potery Barn. Interesting to the max!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

R.I.M. 2010

Professor Green Beans and I traveled North for the Rapture in Missouri 6 Hour duo race. This race had been on my shortlist for years, but had never materialized. GB was proclaiming the brilliance of the Crowder Park trail system, so I decided to make this happen.

We arrived Saturday morning, post rain to find slick but not muddy trails, and a gorgeous setup for an endurance race. Shade everywhere, cooler temps and the buzz of racers going through the dance of pre-race routines got me in high gear for some race action.

Beans sent me off on the Le-Mans start with only one set of instructions: “Do not come in first on lap one!” Of course you know that means, its balls out and game on now.

The first lap wouldn’t have been slicker if we had decided to lay down a course long slip-in-slide and cover it with vegetable oil and KY jelly. Two wheel drifts, and pinballing through rock gardens were the only options. I managed to keep Elwell and another 6 Hour solo rider at bay and set the fastest lap of the day, sending Beans out for his lap in first place.

From then on we didn’t look back. Both of us turned in some sub 50 minute laps, putting enough time into our competition put it on cruise control for the final two laps. The heat and climbs were taking their toll on the riders, as at times it looked like a concentration camp being marched through the woods with guys and gals off pushing in pain and cramps.

Still fun was had by all. We walked away with a cool shirt, free beer, a RIM pint glass and free entry into next year’s event. Doug Long put on a great event, and I’ll be back for more!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

LumberJack 100

I have nothing but positive superlatives when recounting this event. Drama free check-in, well marked fast and flowy schweet ass course, instant results, delish grub and beer following.

Props to DoubleD for putting the smack down and representing MO with a 23rd place just over the 8:00 hour mark, and my brother in law Todd (who shall now be known as Mr. Clean for various reasons) for completing his first 100 miler in under 9 hours! I made it in 31st just 8 min. back of DoubleD.

Will probably put this one on the books for next year. About 70% of the 33 mile loop is dope, fast as you can turn, swoopy goodness. Add in the fact that the sand base only gets better with rain, which I seem to attract, the cooler temps, low humidity, and the charm of upper Michigan port town, and I will for sure be back.

Picks here.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Way Behind

I'm way behind here, so lets do some shotgun catchup:

Almost have my first frame ready for paint. I've built the front and rear triangle, reamed the seat and head tube, and I'm ready for the small parts. This project has taken a back seat for the past few weeks : (

I lost an uncle in a tragic car accident. Trying to find positive in a most negative situation, I did get to see an outpouring of compassion and assistance, from family and friends, in an effort to help a family their greatest time of need. Something that I believe can only be seen in small town America. R.I.P Danny.

Spent two weekends in Tightwad visiting my family and Sis who flew in from London. A picture perfect day on Truman Lake, and time with immediate family is always good for moral.

After almost 11 years of faithful service I sold my beloved Jeep Wrangler TJ. It brought a tear to my eye to let her go. Strange how attached we become to our material possessions.

I bought this as a suitable replacement:

Spent some time relaxing a bit and teaching Leo to swim:

Added a new addition to the family. Oliver arrived June 10th by plane from Texas. How much more hair could a second Spitz make anyway?

Found just enough time to train and nab me one of these: 2010 Missouri State Endurance Mountain Bike Champion.

This weekend its off to Michigan for the Lunberjack 100. Wish me luck. (I'm really going to need it this time)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh Emily...

...Why must you make the competition look soooo bad?

When you consider racers are really just high priced marketing, Trek really has a superior add campaign.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Turkey Mountain Tulsa

Turkey Mountain HD from Donovan Evans on Vimeo.

I've been meaning to post this for a while. A ride EvenSlower and I did while traveling to Tulsa. A pretty unique place to ride as you will see. Thanks to HeavyD for the use of the camera, the editing, and the video hosting!

****For the best video click the Turkey Mountain HD link above and watch it on the Vimeo site ***

Monday, April 19, 2010

Practice makes perfect

Miter the tubes.

Prep the metal

Weld it up...repeat.


Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Been a While

My blogging has taken a back seat lately as things more important to me have taken precedence.

Even though we are entering a period of drier/warmer weather, I feel compelled to want for more. More dry, and more heat. Well I got it! DoubleD and I (and a few others) met up for some SE MO fat tire fun last weekend. First course was a Berryman loop, in 80+ degree temps that had our melons dripping like Niagara. Day two, wasn’t as warm, but feeling of ripping dry singletrack for hours on end was the BEST of medicine for cabin fever.

Looks like we should have agreeable weather for the Gateway Crit this Sunday. First time in many a year. Come out and race if you can.

Fingers crossed for one Red, White, and Blue clad cyclist riding across thousand year old bricks this weekend. This should be his year.

Bonus points if you can name the BOCOMO cyclist who the above picture reminded me of.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snow = MCT (man cave time)

I garnered some quality man cave time this weekend no part due to the irreverent snow storm that caught us all off guard Saturday morning. Here's a sampling of Sunday afternoons efforts. Any guesses? (no they are not sexual in nature)

I'm back to about 80% on the bike. I've still got a twinge or two of pain here and there, but can ride mostly pain free. With any luck, I'll be 100% by weeks end. Now I'm 3 months behind my normal fitness goals. My main goal now: the Lumberjack 100.

It's been a while, so how about some random thoughts:

72 Hours to read a 3000 page Health Care Bill. Seriously? I now fully understand what Grandpa meant when he said, "This country is going to Hell in a handbasket."

Snow in late March, sucks for building trail and riding Mt Bikes.

My dog likes broccoli stems.

I did not leave the house Saturday. Not even to go to the mailbox. Wow!

I love Northern Iowa Basketball. (and St. Mary's is a very close second)

I have some new equipment inbound. Double-Dog excited about this. Maybe Memorial Day as a goal for serial number #00001.

Plug in Young MC as a new station in Pandora. Sit back and enjoy my youth.

Brewed some beer last night. The darkest "light brown" ever.

2007 Bare Knuckle Boch at Flat Branch vintage night might be the best stuff ever. Yes EVER!

Time to see if Reedy was back in action under Mr Jones new big screen. (cryptic yes)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cedar Creek Tributary

A pic from last weekends hike in the Mark Twain National Forest.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The BH Wall of Fame

How did this guy get a wall of fame! I must contact the owner of this establishment pronto and warn him that some patrons have obviously violated his eatery.

Extra points if you can name the place these gems are a hanging. Heavy D cant play.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back Home : (

Every time Cathy and I return from a trip like the one we just landed home from, we spend the majority of the journey contemplating, dreaming, and generally hashing out how we could change our careers and life paths to live in a place with unlimited outdoor recreational opportunities. This trip was no different. The problem with living in Columbia is two fold. First we enjoy some of the lowest cost of living in the US, making it double hard financially to make a move anywhere feasible. And second, Columbia really aint so bad a place.

Alas, the grass sometimes does appear greener, or snowier in this case, on the other side of the fence. See for yourself here.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More PC Powder today

I'm done with Colorado. Utah does have the best snow on earth.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow up top today.

The trip here couldn't have been smoother. View from lunch at the

Snow Bound

Let's do this:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project One

Here's a shot of the first project to emerge from the man cave. What is it?

In other news, I'm headed here Friday. Oh yeah baby! Oh yeah!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Free Ride

I missed out on some Rolling Sitcom, BOCOMO Cold Forging, whatever you want to call it this weekend due to some nagging tendinitis in my left knee. Something I did over the past month had irritated it again (probably the 8 gillion trips up the ladder when working in the cave), so I’ve been sitting it out trying to re-hab. Last year I rode through it for a few months and then came crashing down after a unusually long ride, thus almost ending my season. I’m trying to be older and wiser this go around. I should be back in business this weekend, as I gradually get back into it over the next few days.

This weekend I pulled a page from the Green Beans play book and purchased a strange beverage from the local market in an impulsive move. Guava Juice it was called, and resembled the rice water you get at the Mexican joint I frequent. Taste was bland, kind of like week pineapple juice. Nothing real to report. Its most enduring feature however was its steel can. When was the last time you bought a drink in a steel can?

While blog hopping the last few days, I’ve seen a measurable increase in guys getting free bikes/gear for the 2010 season. Young guys, middle age guys, and even one old dude who have stumbled across some pretty “schweet” sponsorships for the upcoming year. I never really thought my riding abilities warranted anything more than a discount on socks, or maybe some used tires. Mad props to them for making it happen in an era where profit margins are shrinking. Maybe someday I’ll get my free ride.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Negative Eight is Great!

What do you do when upon waking, before that morning cup o'joe, you catch out of the corner of your groggy eye, a negative 8 staring back at you from your trusty thermometer. Go for a bike ride silly. It always amazes me how comfortable single digit temps can feel if adorned with $500 worth of lycra, and Goretx. The snow was deep, and slick as a melting ice-cream sandwich, and a real mental workout as any laps in concentration had you wrapped around a sapling, but a great 2+ hour workout it was. Thanks to DoubleD, D-Wayne, and JimmyV for making it out.

Most of the group was cheating a little with their tire selection:

108 or -8 this guys always got a smile on:

I see stupid people:

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gwen's in!

The little sis made it across the pond for her annual holiday pilgrimage. Them Brits get too much vacation. I think she was here for about 12 weeks or something (yes I'm kidding).