Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rain is good sometimes

Rainy Sun days are great for whipping up some homebrew, so that's what I did. Fowler Creek Hardcore Honey Wheat will be on tap in 4 weeks.

Some of you may have heard me talking about working with Columbia Parks and Rec on a revitalization project at Grindstone. I've got it broken down into three smaller projects which I think we can get finished by next fall. When its all said in done, 6+ miles of schweet singletrack are possible. Heavy D and I went out in the pouring rain this afternoon to flag the first section. Part One of Phase One will be to re-route a steepish hill on the North side into some "fast and flowy" get your grove on tasty goodness. This will connect back to the mound loop (Phase Two) and then back to the parking lot. It took a couple hours, but I think we have it dialed. Work days will be happening soon, I'll be a calling! This park is going to rock.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pumpkin Beer at Flat Branch

The Pumpkin Beer at Flat Branch is the nectar of the Gods. No other fluid on earth is closer to heaven than the reddish gold bubbly goodness F.B. serves in early November. It sells out in 2 weeks, and I've missed it the last two years. My feeble attempt to replicate it at Flower Creek Brewing was a disgrace to its holiness.

Did some wheeling with Dr J on Sunday. Broke in the FJ a bit. Good times.