Wednesday, August 18, 2010

R.I.M. 2010

Professor Green Beans and I traveled North for the Rapture in Missouri 6 Hour duo race. This race had been on my shortlist for years, but had never materialized. GB was proclaiming the brilliance of the Crowder Park trail system, so I decided to make this happen.

We arrived Saturday morning, post rain to find slick but not muddy trails, and a gorgeous setup for an endurance race. Shade everywhere, cooler temps and the buzz of racers going through the dance of pre-race routines got me in high gear for some race action.

Beans sent me off on the Le-Mans start with only one set of instructions: “Do not come in first on lap one!” Of course you know that means, its balls out and game on now.

The first lap wouldn’t have been slicker if we had decided to lay down a course long slip-in-slide and cover it with vegetable oil and KY jelly. Two wheel drifts, and pinballing through rock gardens were the only options. I managed to keep Elwell and another 6 Hour solo rider at bay and set the fastest lap of the day, sending Beans out for his lap in first place.

From then on we didn’t look back. Both of us turned in some sub 50 minute laps, putting enough time into our competition put it on cruise control for the final two laps. The heat and climbs were taking their toll on the riders, as at times it looked like a concentration camp being marched through the woods with guys and gals off pushing in pain and cramps.

Still fun was had by all. We walked away with a cool shirt, free beer, a RIM pint glass and free entry into next year’s event. Doug Long put on a great event, and I’ll be back for more!