Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cleaning out the pores in BC

HeavyD, Green Beans, DoubleD and myself saddled up the FJ's and stuffed them to the roof racks with copious amounts of cycling related paraphernalia, and scooted East to the land of the Hosier. I had on good account that the trails in Brown County were top notch, but I was totally unprepared for the goodness we discovered.

30+ miles of the fastest, flowyest, contour based, IMBA spec, roller coster of a trail network that you could imagine. Trails that seemed downhill both ways, berms and switchbacks dialed to shed water and produce grins. We rode for hours even in the 90+ degree heat. A single speeders delight fo sho!!!

It was hard to keep the camera lens fog free, but here's a sampling:

Beans trying out the wooden toys.

DoubleD mending a leaker, on the only real technical trail.

Contemplating the facial hair decision in swamp ass season.

A few more pics here.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Come Lara

I always say, my favorite trail, is the one I haven’t ridden. I might have to change that thinking after today’s ride.

I traveled north to the mother ship, and brought along my 1x1 BOCOMO as company. Day one had me spinning along a paved bike path, as the local trails were too wet for travel. Seeing as I probably needed a 32x11 to create any resistance at all, spinning along in my 16 was only marginally fun at best.

Day two, and the trail system at Comlara was ready for safe passage. I was fuming from two days of typical unproductive Corporate dribble, and need to let off some steam. I was stoked to throw down on some new singletrack, and busted out of an all-day-er early for some TITS (time in the saddle). What lay before me however, just added to the frustration. A pancake flat trail system, woven together so tightly, that it scrubbed any essence of flow or rhythm. Sightlines were so bad, I could never relax as I felt the impending union of riders was eminent. The vehicle of my stress relief was only adding to the equation on this outing.

I did manage to ride behind a local for about an hour, and began to enjoy what flow I could find. To increase the overall elevation on the trail, there were about 30 log rides throughout the maze of a trail system, and this did start to make up for the trails other shortcomings.

I left content, but hardly fatigued. Its clear the locals love their trails though and mad props to the work that has been done to keep this place in prime order. I guess you just have to work with what you got. Would be a fun one at night….hummmm….

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rolling Art

This may not be your “cup-o-tea” and it may not be your color choice, BUT, the craftsman-ship needed to pull off a build like this is off the charts people. In order to compound bend thin walled, double butted, brittle, proprietary tubesets and then to join them into custom lugs blows my mind.

Some people (like me) build functional, well designed bikes. Other guys (like Todd I.) build functional rolling pieces of art. I aspire to be that good someday.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ready for Paint X 3

From left to right Michelle, ProPam, EvenSlower. Those are some sexy rear ends if I do say so myself : )

The weather lately has not been conducive for riding, but good for building. I should finish up Michelle's tomorrow night, while EvenSlower gets personal with his in the form of some pre-paint prep work. I cant wait to see these out and about and being ridden to the max. I only hope the owners enjoy them as much I enjoyed making them.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Finally got my CX frame back from paint and built her up. Deep Candy Red is the color. Its another two stage powdercoating process. Turned out pretty good if you ask me. Problem is, it makes the welds look kind of "globby." I thought they looked pretty good before the paint, but oh well I'm happy.

Fix the front derailuller issues and its time for a test run.