Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh what a feeling, ice biking!

Sunday's ride:

3.5 hours
17 degree temps
3 Fully rigid riders
3 29'ers
2 Single Speeds
120 Frozen digits
1 Crazy guy jumping on the ice in spandex

Mucho fun!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

65 and Shorts

The Savior has nothing on us. After this downhill and fixing HeavyD's flat we proceeded to walk on water. Evenslower, being from LA (that's the crawdad and swamps LA) was beside himself. Just another January in MO.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hydrogen Peroxide and My New Book

I've heard about the book (and now movie), Marly and Me. I havent read it, and I was thinking I should, but in all reality, I seem to be living my own story these past few days. Call it Leo and Me. And I have added a few chapters in the last two days.

About a month ago my little ball of joy found a used tampon in the trash and ate it. To make matters worse it was during our Thanksgiving dinner and it was from a guest. Yes, you may want to stop reading now, its going to get worse. My wife tried in vain to pull out the string which only made the little bugger swallow faster. Now what? After a little www research we opted to self induce some vomiting using peroxide. A few ounces down the hatch and 2 min later, walla, a very used personal feminine hygiene product.

Chapter two. Wednesday, while on my watch, I was cleaning the Jeep and Leo ate grass or what ever he does in the front yard when I'm ignoring him, when someone pulled into the church driveway across from ours. Normally this is not an issue, but out of that car jumped two small dogs, and Leo was off to the races. My little 2 year old does not fully understand the destructive power of the four wheeled wonders and proceeded stand on the center line as a F350 squalled his brakes in disgust. I felt like an ass as I scooped up my "fancy dog" as he has been called and drug him back to the safe confines of the house.

Then tonight. Again on my watch while the wife is off with friends I get another version of a budding sitcom. While I was finishing dinner and stuffing the dishwasher I heard a rustling behind the couch. I look down to see Leo finishing of the last of some hot pepper flavored chocolate bar I got from Santa. Oh crap! I was really looking forward to that chocolate Leo. Back to the WWW to get some opinion on how much is too much when it comes to canines and the luscious black toxin. The 2 oz he ate was well within the safe limits, but to be sure I pulled out the peroxide again.

What happened a few minutes later, still has me noshes. Up came the most disgusting blob of half digested habenaro chocolate slug that anyone could imagine. Then he tried to eat it again! I could go on, but I dont want to ruin the keyboard.

A few dozen paper towles and things are back to normal. Is there any wander now why I dont have kids?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Social Networking

Social Networking sites have been all the rage for the teen set for several years now, and this old dog as been reluctant to take part. I figured they checked your age at the door and anyone over the age of 30 was automatically placed on a watch list as a potential pervert. One of the more obvious reasons I steered clear, revolved around a very cold reality of all SN sites. When updating your “Personal Page” as to what it is you are currently “doing” you were in a fact lying. In the past, if all users of My Space, Facebook, Twitter, etc, were truthful, everyone’s status would read the same. “I’m sitting at my desk surfing and wasting time” is what they’d read, because you couldn’t possibly be “doing” anything and updating your status at the same time. Duh!

Enter the iPhone. Now it’s possible to update your status on the go, while you’re actually doing what you say. But more importantly, two mobile Social Networker’s might actually hook up and “do” something together because they are now in the loop. "Mike is at Flat Branch sipping a Barley Wine..." Couple that with some peer pressure from local cycling mates to join in, and I reluctantly started to investigate this phenomenon my own. The Facebook app for the iPhone is pretty slick. In fact I almost like it more than the full web version. At a glance you can get a snapshot of what’s going on with all your peoples, and even start up a chat with those currently online. None of this is really new technology, but is pretty cool in its delivery. Plus, with this you can essentially keep track of those you’re interested in and block out the rest, (not the case on message boards, etc). And hey, its free, and I really like free.

The newness is already starting to wear off, but it is kinda fun. Still I cant help but feel like a high schooler updating my status. Maybe I’ll stick to blogging.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Should Buy a Lottery Ticket

What a weekend. 9+ hours of saddle time, and this gem showed up unannounced. Most have heard the story so I wont bore you with it again, but lets just say I think its mine now.

Lots of niblets here:

1. 110 miles on CX bikes is a tall order. Add in the fact its January, the wind is blowing like mad, its cold, and most of the day consist of 6 inch deep gravel and count me out. Mad props to those who made at least the 95 miles. I called it good at 5 hours and 60 miles. Whew...

2. Free frames rock. Moots frames rock double.

3. Sunday's loop was superb. Lots of climbing and idle banter about everything from single malt to single speeds.

4. I need a recovery week. Almost 14 hours this week.

5. Cross bikes are ok after all. Shushhhhhh. Dont tell anyone.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Drive

A nice four hour spin through the flats of NE Boone County. A bit windy and somewhat cold, but all ended well with the sun shining on us the entire day. This is a great group to ride with. Never a gripe or a tear being shed. (well it was a close call on the crying today, though) Great route Andy!

Oh MY!

What were they thinking! Those are the ugliest kits I have yet laid my newly lasered eyes upon. Someone please call Bob Stapelton and remind him what happens to white shorts on the podium . Please!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


After a 12 month delay (trying to get money in my flexible spending account) I was finally able to pull the trigger on LASIK. Talk about George Jetson stuff! Walk in blind, shoot some lasers at the most precious of your 5 senses, and go home with 20/15 vision. All in less than 30 minutes. I've got a little reminder of the power of the suction device used to keep you balls steady during the proceedure, but it will go away in a few weeks says the Doc. I did get some really cool sunglasses too. Tried to use them riding today, but to no avail as they fogged something fierce.

I need some ideas on how to destroy my old specks. Anyone got a handgun and a small pumpkin?

Dr J, HeavyD, Daisy and I made some tracks (litterly, it was 29 degrees) at Rock Bridge today. It was like riding on a trail of snow cones. Almost frozen, and slow. Good workout though. Tomorrow we hit it hard. Ladies, saddle up.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Start of Something Sweet!

The assimilation of parts for this years off road weapon has begun. Here is a sampling of my gathering so far. Maybe with any luck I'll have a frame to hang it on by spring. Oh, and I gots some wheels too, and yes they are the little ones. : )

Sunday, January 4, 2009


So what do you do when its 29 degrees, and falling. The wind is gusting up to 30 mph, the trails are muddy, and the gravel roads are swamps? You get out those road bikes with the funny tires and go ride anyway dufas. Dr J and I froze to the core today on some nasty loop he dreamed up, but I loved it none the less. I've got some goals this year, starting with a good showing in AR in April, so I've got to start early. 2nd place was at home on the couch right?

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I turned 35 today, and the weather Gods smiled down upon me in celebration of my Birthday. I road north to HeavyD's and completed a windy Big Tree Loop before heading back home to Ashland. 60 miles and 4+ hours later I was only minutes from home, when... Well, see the body needs glycogen to keep moving forward at a high rate of speed, and I had grosley underestimated the ammout of that presious comodity I was going to need this day. I was in a complete fog, and felt as if the rear of my bike was coming apart. Seems it was! 3 miles from home I threw in the towel and called Cathy to rescue me and my flat tire. I'm off for some Barley Wine at Flat Branch to celebrate.