Monday, June 21, 2010

LumberJack 100

I have nothing but positive superlatives when recounting this event. Drama free check-in, well marked fast and flowy schweet ass course, instant results, delish grub and beer following.

Props to DoubleD for putting the smack down and representing MO with a 23rd place just over the 8:00 hour mark, and my brother in law Todd (who shall now be known as Mr. Clean for various reasons) for completing his first 100 miler in under 9 hours! I made it in 31st just 8 min. back of DoubleD.

Will probably put this one on the books for next year. About 70% of the 33 mile loop is dope, fast as you can turn, swoopy goodness. Add in the fact that the sand base only gets better with rain, which I seem to attract, the cooler temps, low humidity, and the charm of upper Michigan port town, and I will for sure be back.

Picks here.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Way Behind

I'm way behind here, so lets do some shotgun catchup:

Almost have my first frame ready for paint. I've built the front and rear triangle, reamed the seat and head tube, and I'm ready for the small parts. This project has taken a back seat for the past few weeks : (

I lost an uncle in a tragic car accident. Trying to find positive in a most negative situation, I did get to see an outpouring of compassion and assistance, from family and friends, in an effort to help a family their greatest time of need. Something that I believe can only be seen in small town America. R.I.P Danny.

Spent two weekends in Tightwad visiting my family and Sis who flew in from London. A picture perfect day on Truman Lake, and time with immediate family is always good for moral.

After almost 11 years of faithful service I sold my beloved Jeep Wrangler TJ. It brought a tear to my eye to let her go. Strange how attached we become to our material possessions.

I bought this as a suitable replacement:

Spent some time relaxing a bit and teaching Leo to swim:

Added a new addition to the family. Oliver arrived June 10th by plane from Texas. How much more hair could a second Spitz make anyway?

Found just enough time to train and nab me one of these: 2010 Missouri State Endurance Mountain Bike Champion.

This weekend its off to Michigan for the Lunberjack 100. Wish me luck. (I'm really going to need it this time)