Wednesday, December 22, 2010

St. Kitts

My financial advisor and I traveled to the island of St. Kitts last week to soak in the rays of some Eastern Caribbean sun, and take in the splendor of the countryside. We stayed with a friend stationed there in the Peace Corp for two years. (Tuff gig I know).

Most Caribbean island nations are a stark example of the have and have not’s. St. Kitts is no exception. For sure, there are pockets of 5 star luxury, but by and large, beyond those resorts, its all slums. Too bad, as the flora and fauna of the volcanic isle is amazing.

During our stay we climbed the 3600 foot Mt. Liamuiga, zip lined down the hills of Old Town, snorkeled in Cockleshell bay, and chow’d down on ribs at the Shiggedy Shack. Driving on the left all week, while dodging taxi’s, busses, goats, sheep, cows, chickens, and pedestrians had me taxed, but the time in the sand was a worthy reprise.

A fellow cyclist came thorough, and allowed me to drag along his Travelers Check and I managed to “check out” each day for a spin around the island before heading to the beach. It was'nt great riding, but fun still.

Shout out to American Airlines who managed to lose our bags both going and coming. Great job guys, you deserve a Carib!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Frame Number Two

Back from powder-coating today. Jolli-pop candy orange. Looks pretty cool in the day light.