Monday, January 18, 2010

Free Ride

I missed out on some Rolling Sitcom, BOCOMO Cold Forging, whatever you want to call it this weekend due to some nagging tendinitis in my left knee. Something I did over the past month had irritated it again (probably the 8 gillion trips up the ladder when working in the cave), so I’ve been sitting it out trying to re-hab. Last year I rode through it for a few months and then came crashing down after a unusually long ride, thus almost ending my season. I’m trying to be older and wiser this go around. I should be back in business this weekend, as I gradually get back into it over the next few days.

This weekend I pulled a page from the Green Beans play book and purchased a strange beverage from the local market in an impulsive move. Guava Juice it was called, and resembled the rice water you get at the Mexican joint I frequent. Taste was bland, kind of like week pineapple juice. Nothing real to report. Its most enduring feature however was its steel can. When was the last time you bought a drink in a steel can?

While blog hopping the last few days, I’ve seen a measurable increase in guys getting free bikes/gear for the 2010 season. Young guys, middle age guys, and even one old dude who have stumbled across some pretty “schweet” sponsorships for the upcoming year. I never really thought my riding abilities warranted anything more than a discount on socks, or maybe some used tires. Mad props to them for making it happen in an era where profit margins are shrinking. Maybe someday I’ll get my free ride.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Negative Eight is Great!

What do you do when upon waking, before that morning cup o'joe, you catch out of the corner of your groggy eye, a negative 8 staring back at you from your trusty thermometer. Go for a bike ride silly. It always amazes me how comfortable single digit temps can feel if adorned with $500 worth of lycra, and Goretx. The snow was deep, and slick as a melting ice-cream sandwich, and a real mental workout as any laps in concentration had you wrapped around a sapling, but a great 2+ hour workout it was. Thanks to DoubleD, D-Wayne, and JimmyV for making it out.

Most of the group was cheating a little with their tire selection:

108 or -8 this guys always got a smile on:

I see stupid people:

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gwen's in!

The little sis made it across the pond for her annual holiday pilgrimage. Them Brits get too much vacation. I think she was here for about 12 weeks or something (yes I'm kidding).