Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rolling Art

This may not be your “cup-o-tea” and it may not be your color choice, BUT, the craftsman-ship needed to pull off a build like this is off the charts people. In order to compound bend thin walled, double butted, brittle, proprietary tubesets and then to join them into custom lugs blows my mind.

Some people (like me) build functional, well designed bikes. Other guys (like Todd I.) build functional rolling pieces of art. I aspire to be that good someday.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ready for Paint X 3

From left to right Michelle, ProPam, EvenSlower. Those are some sexy rear ends if I do say so myself : )

The weather lately has not been conducive for riding, but good for building. I should finish up Michelle's tomorrow night, while EvenSlower gets personal with his in the form of some pre-paint prep work. I cant wait to see these out and about and being ridden to the max. I only hope the owners enjoy them as much I enjoyed making them.