Sunday, October 24, 2010

BTEpic 2010

This race is as good as it gets. Great venue, seamless check-in, epic course, huge field, crazy payout, tuff competition, free beer/food, live band, and lots of swag.

Tenth again two years running. I made a mental mistake and forgot to down one bottle between checkpoint 3 and 4, then went out on the final stretch with only one bottle in hand. Some major cramp-o-rama had me off the bike on the last climb from the Berryman watching 8th and 9th place ride on by. I've been riding long enough to know better...maybe someday I'll learn.

I'll be back next year to defend my streak of the only rider to make the top 10 of every BTEpic!

Monday, October 11, 2010

No Longer the Bridesmaid

WAY back in Ought-Six, unforeseen circumstances forced Dr Mark and I to enter the Wicked Fast race at the Burning without a third teammate. A somewhat relaxed field allowed us to take the win in grand style doing 5 laps each.

For the next three years, DRJ (Chris, Wes, and Bob) have gotten together, and managed to snatch victory away from my various team combinations. There’s no better adversary than the trio above , but finishing first looser for three years straight (in ‘09 by less than a minute), had me reeling for a win.

Enter 2010 and yet another chance at victory. The dry spell was ended, and the monkey is off my back. We won, but took a two new course records, two flats, a broken pedal, and nearly destroyed wheel . Instead of a long diatribe of race re-capping, how about some observations from the weekend:

· Great care should be taken when choosing a team name. Choose wrong, and you could end up spending more time in your tent than just the weekend.

· The smoke bomb cloud to start the race was thicker than ever. I wasn’t sure I had my bike until chamois hit saddle.

· Beware of the opposing teams secret weapon (Mathews!)

· Also beware of nice old dudes (Albert), they will smoke you and get you a beer after

· No-one, and I mean NO-ONE ate better than we did Sat. night. Baked lasagna, Italian sausage, and ciabatta bread, wow!

· You don’t need fancy carbon, suspension, tubeless this or that, even rubber underwear to ride your bike all day and have fun. Go Pete!

· Pressed for time, I can stuff 6 Fig-Newtons down my gullet at once

· Post race PBR is nectar of the Gods

· Burning at the Bluff = still best race of the year!