Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cleaning out the pores in BC

HeavyD, Green Beans, DoubleD and myself saddled up the FJ's and stuffed them to the roof racks with copious amounts of cycling related paraphernalia, and scooted East to the land of the Hosier. I had on good account that the trails in Brown County were top notch, but I was totally unprepared for the goodness we discovered.

30+ miles of the fastest, flowyest, contour based, IMBA spec, roller coster of a trail network that you could imagine. Trails that seemed downhill both ways, berms and switchbacks dialed to shed water and produce grins. We rode for hours even in the 90+ degree heat. A single speeders delight fo sho!!!

It was hard to keep the camera lens fog free, but here's a sampling:

Beans trying out the wooden toys.

DoubleD mending a leaker, on the only real technical trail.

Contemplating the facial hair decision in swamp ass season.

A few more pics here.

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